Changing Pace

As many of you know the original goal of this blog was to look at the many different JavaScript Frameworks and Toolkits in order to compare: speed, size, efficiency, etc. If you follow the community, youll probably have realized long before me, that doing this would be a full-time job, as new Frameworks appear monthly and the existing ones are constantly: updating, improving, and refactoring their codebases. As such, I cannot keep up with all these changes and offer you the rich, up-to-date comparisons that I wanted. Therefore, I will be slightly modifying the focus of this Blog.

Instead of focusing solely on the Frameworks, I will be spending more time on the JavaScript language, with a splash of Frameworks when I find something awesome and have time to write a comprehensive article. I will also be writing about more general Web Development concepts, such as Semantic Markup and CSS. I am including this additional content because you cannot be a great JavaScript developer (at least on the web) without knowing more about web technologies (most commonly, hiding/showing or inserting content).

In the coming days I will be giving my blog a face lift and reorganizing. I have been lazy and mostly just used a default wordpress theme, but I feel that as a Web Designer and Engineer I should put a little of time into a clean and accessable design. Also, the homepage will be changing to feature work that I have done. For example, I recently completed an light-weight JavaScript Image Viewer Widget, and will be wrapping up a social *cough* networking project soon. I need to showcase the work I have done both for credibility and to earn future projects.

I also find that it is important to post on a regular basis, so from now on I will be be writing at least 2 articles a week (Tuesday and Friday). Between those articles, will be the occasional short blurb and important JavaScript news.

lastly, Im also excite to announce that I have done all of the JavaScript work for the up-and-coming, free, web-based, financial applications Mint is now in an invite Beta period and if you are interested in checking it out then message me here and I will email you an access code (90 of 100 left).