Gaming Engine - Snake Demo v2

Last week I was busy at GDC and have not had time to put together a detailed article, so in the spirit of GDC, I thought I would share the latest iteration of my HTML5 gaming engine (still very rough).

There has been a lot of progress around the Game class to support stages (or levels) and a score board to track the player’s score. The stages are demoed by a new version of the Snake game where collecting five powerups will cause a new and slightly more difficult map to render. This showcases a fully functioning Snake game: a movable snake, score incremented and snake grown by picking up powerups, and levels changing over time. Please try the Snake game demo and let me know your thoughts or any issues you experience.

Eventually, I will revisit Snake to add enemies and eventually some type of multiplayer, but my next step for the platform will be to try out one or two other games to see how it holds up. I’ll share them with you when they are ready.

You can read more about the original release at Introducing Gaming Engine - Snake Demo v1.